Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Therma Skin for Couperosis, Wrinkles, Neck, and Acne Scars treatments

THERMA-SKIN is an exclusive MBE device for treating signs of facial ageing.
Thanks to its innovative synergy of radio frequency and photodynamics, this highly effective technology leaves skin looking younger, softer and more velvety.

Wrinkles, couperosis and slack skin are the main facial skin flaws that affect women, often from the ages of 30 onwards. Compared to the numerous cosmetic products available on the market and other devices based on technology that is now outdated, THERMA-SKIN is the most effective and highly advanced solution to this kind of problem.

The system works by combining radio frequency and photodynamics, a synergy that guarantees astonishing results. While radio frequency warms the tissue, making the skin look healthy and velvety, red photodynamic light stimulates and smoothes it, creating an amazing lifting effect.

This combined action is a highly advanced solution for really rejuvenating the face. The treatment is simple, painless, non-invasive and does not affect the customer’s daily activities. The therapy can also be used on all kinds of skin as it is non-surgical and non-ablative. And the results can be seen right from the very first sessions!

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