Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So Up - Slimming Cellulite Aged Skin Wrinkles and Body Treatments

Imagine an unprecedented synergy between connective tissue massaging, radiofrequency, ultrasound and photodynamics! It sounds impossible, doesn't it? But today it actually exists, and with the irresistible extra feature of chromotherapy.
So now when customers enter the treatment cabin they can also enjoy the polysensorial ambience of Maya Beauty Engineering's latest creation, So Up. More than just a name, So Up is a genuine promise of well-being.
Impossible to resist, So Up.
Infinite actions that converge into a single amazing effect, that has to be experienced to be believed! So Up.
A diverse and highly effective series of wellness oriented treatments that will not cramp your customers' lifestyle in the least. So let's have a look at them, one by one.

Body Treatments
Wrinler Treatment
Aged Skin

Young Skin
Dehydrated Aging Skin
Sensitive Couperose Skin
Face and Neck

Peripheral areas
Breast and Neckline
Post Acne Scars
Upper Limbs

Slack Skin
Stretch Marks
Adipose Tissue
Flaws Linked to Edematous Cellulite
Flaws Linked to Fibrous Cellulite

Maya Beauty Engineering

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