Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Eliminate cellulite build-up, wrinkles, skin stains and stretch marks and perform body toning and face lifting


In order to help eliminate cellulite build-up, wrinkles, skin stains and stretch marks and perform body toning and face lifting correctly, MBE has developed the Synergica device. Based on the most up-to-date beauty care technology, this revolutionary system exploits the power of biodynamic energy and pulsed light which act directly on the cellular membrane causing active principles to migrate from the epidermis down into the deepest skin layers by stimulating cellular metabolism.
The combined action of special wave forms and pulsed light temporarily increase the permeability of the cellular structure via specific electric impulses that restore equilibrium in the structure of the epidermis by creating new water channels through which the molecules of the active principles applied can gradually penetrate right down into the most vital layers of the skin via a process of electro-osmosis.

This special electrical stimulation has a trophic effect on the skin tissue, increasing cellular metabolism and stimulating the dilation of the blood vessels on the surface and revitalising deep down circulation.
The pulsed amber coloured light is projected at the same time as the electric current and this stimulates the cells of the epidermis, aiding muscle toning and draining liquids through the spaces between the cells.

This beauty care device is preset with 11 different programs for each treatment.
These include: intensity, electrical impulses, light impulses and duration.
The name of the device comes from the synergy of energy and light on which the new Synergica methodology is based.

1) Preparatory cleaning
2) Face moisturising
3) Face firming
4) Anti-age vitamin treatment
5) Draining
6) Skin stains
7) Cellulite build-up
8) Body toning
9) Stretch marks
10) Breast firming
11) Finger pressure

Recommended for:

1) Impure skin
2) Face moisturising
3) Face firming
4) Wrinkles and mood signs
5) Pale skin
6) Draining
7) Skin stains
8) Cellulite build-up
9) Body toning and firming
10) Breast firming
11) Stretch marks

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