Friday, August 25, 2006


Particularly suited to treatments for eliminating scars, cellulite build-up and skin stains and for body toning and lifting and reducing wrinkles and stretch marks, the Oxy Megastation is a powerful beauty care device created to help tissue regeneration.

The numerous functions, in the various models available, offer the most advanced treatments for rejuvenating the skin by using rich, concentrated oxygen combined with the most advanced connective tissue and glass ball percussion massage techniques.
Oxy Megastation is a technologically advanced multi-purpose machine that can perform numerous different functions.
Further confirmation of the effectiveness and advanced technology of our systems was given when the Oxy Megastation, the most comprehensive of all our oxygen devices, was awarded the “Prix Pierantoni de l’Innovation 2005” prize at the “Les Nouvelles Esthétiques” congress in Paris.

Recommended for:

Stretch marks
Cellulite build-up
Skin stains
Wrinkles and mood signs
Acne rosacea
Irritated skin
An alternative to botulinic toxin
Various skin flaws that do not warrant aggressive treatments.

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